Shumba conquers Dzivarasekwa 1 High


Tinashe Nyamushanya Cool Lifestyle Writer

Our school hosted an inter house competition this month.

The students were representing their houses; Dendera, Chipembere, Sekwa and Shumba.

Pupils were contesting in various disciplines including athletics, discus as well as long and high jump.

Pupils were not the only ones that were in full participation of the event but members of the stuff were

also involved in the event. The assistant senior woman was the commentator.

The day,which started around 8am,was a hive of activities. Pupils expressed all their efforts and the four teams were all very good, but of course there could only be one winner.

It was a great disappointment to Chipembere, which lost to Shumba by only few points.

It was the points that marked Shumba as the victors, enabling them to walk away with a big trophy and a prize of $400.

For coming second, Chipembere got $350, Sekwa had $250 for being the third $100 and Dendera the last got $50 all courtesy of the school administration.

At least every house managed to produce stars who will represent the school, then hopefully on to district, national and international competitions as the year unfolds.

It was all joy as the victors celebrated their win, and the losers consoled themselves that next year they will do better.

Then it was time for the disco. The disc jokey started with “Disappear” by Winky D to bring winners and losers to the same level.

The writer is an Upper sixth student at Dzivarasekwa 1 High School.

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