Set achievable targets, Harare councillors told

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The Herald

Innocent Ruwende Senior Reporter
Harare councillors have been urged to set achievable targets based on the city’s financial capacity and not incite and excite residents with programmes and projects which they have no capacity to deliver.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Harare Council at Town House yesterday, Harare Metropolitan Provincial Administrator Mrs Cathrine Kampila said councillors should always be cognisant that residents were tired of “pies in the sky”.

“While I urge you to be very futuristic in your thinking and resolution making — I would also urge you to set achievable targets based on your financial capacity,” she said.

“Incite and excite us with programmes and projects, but always be cognisant that our people are tired of pies in the sky. Promise things that you can achieve. Promise projects that can be funded by your budgets. Previous councils have spent the whole tenure of office fighting.”

Mrs Kampila urged the councillors to put “the shoulder to the wheel” and “hit the ground running” in line with the national mantra as enunciated by President Mnangagwa.

She said the city fathers should also be exemplary through the way they run the critical tier of Government.

“The President has said Zimbabwe is open for business,” said Mrs Kampila.

“All businesses take place in some local authority. We should all take up that vision and open Harare for investment, seeing that Harare is the capital and leading city of the country.

“Work towards complementing Government’s re-engagement programmes with multilateral organisations, regional and international local government associations. Ensure you take brand Harare everywhere you go. Promote investment in Harare, help attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), help rebuild the national brand.”

Mrs Kampila said council should ensure the fulfilment of programmes and resolutions adopted from previous councils.

Councillors, she said, were not elected to fight management, but to work with management to achieve common visions.

“Share your vision with management and work to be on the same pedestal,” she said. “The motto should be us and not them and us. Remember, once you are in the council chamber you assume the civic leadership role and cease to be political animals.

“Harare is looking up to your astute leadership. Your Worship — Harare streets have become trading sites.

“It is your responsibility to ensure that members of the informal sector are properly housed.”

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