Sanyati in road tarring, rehab


Heather Charema Mash West Correspondent
SANYATI Rural District Council has tarred and rehabilitated 174 kilometres of its road network using the National Road Fund availed by Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara), a council official has said.

In an interview on Tuesday, Sanyati RDC chief executive Mr Achim Shadaya said the rural district council was on course to achieving its set target of rehabilitating close to 300km by year-end.

“Through grants received from ZINARA to the tune of $198 000, our council has undertaken some periodic road maintenance projects and we have so far managed to tar a 1,5km stretch at Sanyati Growth point, gravelling and compaction of an 8,5km of the Mopani Park Road in Chakari and construction of pipe drift,” he said.

“Routine road maintenance is still in progress in terms of the approved programme of works, we have so far rehabilitated 123km of Golden Valley-Sanyati Road, 19km Golden Valley-Chakari Road and 23km of Alabama-Chakari Road.

“We managed to buy two brand new tipper trucks and an ambulance with our own resources. We also flighted a tender for the purchase of a back hoe loader, which will be delivered before the end of the year.”

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