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Ruvhi leads the no-makeup challenge . . . Its time to shine, bling and break record

25 Jan, 2020 - 00:01 0 Views
Ruvhi leads the no-makeup challenge . . .  Its time to shine, bling and break record Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa without (left) and with makeup

The Herald

Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Its a defining moment for women and girls in terms of how one looks.

Some women prefer to have no makeup at all. Wearing makeup is still one’s preference.

The beauty of a woman is not in how she appears in make-up but in the kindness of her soul.

Recently, media socialite Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa decided to start a no make-up challenge where local women post their pictures on Facebook wearing no makeup and encouraged to tag a friend.

By way of comparison, fans are able to select a better one from the two pictures provided — one  with makeup on and the one without.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

The challenge divided the nation, I must say.

Who knew some women are more beautiful without makeup while others resemble their fathers if not to say they are more handsome than their brothers.

In fact, someone later commented that the challenge, however, was not for every woman.

Ruvheneko is well known for promoting the natural aspect in women’s beauty.

Popular creator and host of America’s Next Top Model and one of the original Victoria’s Secret Angels, Tyra Banks also recently  challenged her Instagram followers on what is more “real”: a bare, blatantly makeup-free face, or a fully madeup, glamazon-with-lashes-on look.

She gave a good answer; probably that is where our own Ruvheneko borrowed the concept.

Banks said that the make-up-free selfie has become a celebrity cliché.

She uploaded a bare-faced, filter-free photo on Instagram, explaining her motivation in the caption thus: “You deserve to see the REAL me. The REALLY real me.”

However, some local make-up artistes such as Julie, Nono and Jackie once highlighted that make up boosts confidence in women.

“It is like magic and power at the same time. You also need to understand and distinguish that there is also light toned makeup applied by some of the celebrities who are posing and posting in the no-makeup challenge. Check the lip, the eyebags and the eyebrows, if they are clearer that is genuine but if not it is then obvious they have applied the make up which somehow is colourless.

“You should also be able to distinguish the natural makeup from the no-make up at all.

“While you love bold and vivid makeup looks just as much as the next person, sometimes some people want something more low-key and subtler.

“Yes, we were talking about “no-makeup” makeup, which is the term for enhancing your features in an almost undetectable way. “After all, it involves putting on less makeup than usual,” said one makeup artiste.

If you do not possess the deft eye of a makeup artiste, it can be hard to know what to apply and what to go without.

“That is why it helps to have a visual,” said Tarry MK, a fashion and beauty stylist.

It is strongly believed that a smile is the best makeup that any girl can wear.

The ball is in your court ladies, makeup or no makeup.

I got an email earlier this week where some people are pleading with me to guide them on what to wear or how to rock for the awards show taking place today.

Yes, all roads lead to the Newlands Country Club for the Zimbabwe Musical Awards (Zima) ceremony.

For the record, let me make this straight Zima is our Grammy while National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) are our Oscars, henceforth be guided accordingly and dress the part.

Be distinct  — not ordinary  because if you choose to the  paparazzi  will definitely be on your back for that poor impression for such an event.

Occasionally celebrities, musicians and models among others make grave sartorial errors, as Baba Harare, Lionel Messi, Janet Jackson and Sandra Ndebele have shown in the past.

So whether your invite is to an awards ceremony, a corporate event or a formal dinner, make sure you dress the part.

Awards ceremonies are black tie events, which call for elegant shoes, a luxury jacket and smart trousers.

If you feel like having fun you can play around with your accessories — whatever you go for, make sure you’ve got your evening wear dress code sorted.

I had a debate with my colleague from our sister paper The Sunday Mail, they call him elder Mthandazo Dube on what to wear at prestigious events.

My advise was he could go all the way he want considering that this is like the Grammys’ where you can bling around, be colourful and show power in your suits.

I do hope other invited guests follow suit. I have written about this before  as a way of giving invited guests ample time to prepare their outfits. Who will dress the part tonight who can guess?

With this, I can’t wait for next week’s edition with my review.


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