Relief for 15 000 duped stand owners

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Relief for 15 000 duped stand owners

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Daniel Nemukuyu Investigations and Special Reports Editor

The 15 000 legitimate stand owners in Nyatsime, Chitungwiza, should have title confirmed, while illegal occupants settled by land barons should be evicted, the Commission of Inquiry into the sale of State land has said.

Sixteen politicians and cooperative executives identified as land barons, the commission said, should be prosecuted.

The Commission of Inquiry chaired by Justice Tendai Uchena included the new housing area combining Braemer Farm and Lot 2 of Longlands Farm, popularly known as Nyatsime, in its investigations.

It found double allocations that resulted in many of the 15 000 people who legitimately bought their plots being elbowed out by invaders who do not have proper documentation.

Most of the invaders paid land barons between US$5 and US$500 before occupying the land which had already been allocated to the 15 000, who had been officially charged an average of US$2 700 by Chitungwiza Town Council and paid in full.

The commission said council should regularise Nyatsime suburb and recommended the investigation and prosecution of 16 cooperative executives and politicians for criminal offences.

“All land barons must be investigated and prosecuted for illegally parcelling out State land in Braemer and Lot 2 of Longlands farms,” read part of the recommendations.

“Chitungwiza Municipality should ensure that invaded institutional and commercial stands are reclaimed. It should ensure eviction of all illegal occupants.”

The commission recommended that an audit be done to establish the status of all people in occupation of the land in question. It listed those who need to be investigated.

Six A2 farmers, who were allocated farms under the Land Reform Programme, are accused of subdividing their farms and selling stands to home-seekers.

They are Mrs Jacqueline Takure, Mr Nelson Mahachi, Mr Emmanuel Makaripe, Mr Gilbert Gozha, Ms Laina Chikodzi and Mr Langton Chigwaza.

Three members of Yemurai Disabled Cooperative, Mr Joseph January, Mr Boniface Manyonganise and Mr Alfred Maliana, should be investigated for allegedly selling a stand to Moonrise School with the assistance of Ms Florence Shumba and Mr Edmore Padzinza, who are not members of the cooperative.

Mr Christian Magonya and Mr Give Petros, according to the report, should be investigated for selling stands in the Damview area.

Mr Brighton Gombiro and Mr Eddias Musharu allegedly sold State land to a number of people in the

Damview area, and sold stands around the Tuckshop area and at Kimkote Farm.

Mr Masimbi Masimbi stands accused of illegally selling State land at Braemer Farm and illegally collecting money from residents, which was later abused.

Braemer Farm and Lot 2 of Longlands were acquired and gazetted for rural resettlement in 2004.

Prior to the acquisition, Braemer was owned by Dunottar Farm Pvt Ltd, while Longlands was owned by Longlands Pvt Ltd.

On May 30, 2013, the Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement handed over the land to the Ministry of Local Government for urban settlement.

Chitungwiza Municipality then subdivided the land and came up with 11 000 stands.

The local authority sold land to 15 000 people, meaning that stand sizes were reduced to accommodate the excess 4 000 people.

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