Manicaland Correspondent
VILLAGERS in Tsvingwe, Penhalonga, have raised concern over white dust that is being generated by Redwing Mine, which they claim is hazardous to their health. The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has pledged to investigate the matter and take necessary action.

The mine has since stopped operating.

The Herald visited Penhalonga recently following complaints from the villagers. Ms Locadia Samanga of Tsvingwe claimed the dust was toxic, especially to children.

“I am afraid to raise my children in Tsvingwe because they might grow up with serious health problems emanating from the white dust,” she said.

“There is nothing that I can do to stop this unless the authorities come in to assist. I have nowhere else to live.”

Another villager, Mr Josiah Shumba, said the problem started last year. “It is true that we are breathing polluted air,” he said.

“We cannot scientifically prove the contents of the dust, but what we know is that it is toxic, especially when dry like this and there are no rains to make it settle.

“We actually think this dust contains cyanide which also kills our livestock.”

In an interview, EMA Manicaland provincial manager Mr Kingston Chitotombe said Redwing Mine would be prosecuted if it violated the law.

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