Promote gender balance on female sources, UN-Women urges Zimbabwe media Innocent Katsande

Precious Manomano Herald Correspondent

Journalists have been urged to report and promote gender balanced stories by including female sources when reporting news to ensure that their views are also heard.

Speaking during media workshop hosted by the UN Women last week in Bindura, spokesperson Mr Innocent Katsande said there is a need to step up efforts to ensure that women’s voices are amplified.

“There is a call for women’s rights to continue stepping up and standing strong on speaking on behalf of other women. There is also a call to media organisations to really introspect and see how the media has been covering and perceiving women candidates, women leaders and women issues,” said Mr Katsande.

He noted that although there are various issues which affect women’s media coverage, there was need to train and capacitate women’s spokespersons.

“Women tend to shy away for a number of issues. Some shy away due to lack of trust in terms of what then comes out after they share their comments. This may be due to lack of exposure and lack of training,” he said.

The workshop was attended by journalists from various media organisations.

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