Private lessons possible Covid-19 super spreaders Mr Taungana Ndoro

Michael Magoronga

Midlands Correspondent

Teachers and individuals continuing to offer private lessons within schools or homes are seen by Government as creating conditions for possible Covid-19 super spreaders.

Extra lessons have been on the increase since the Government deferred the re-opening of schools. 

While the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education is totally opposed to physical lessons, the ministry has been encouraging parents to spend their money on data bundles, stationery and other means so their children can keep up to date, rather than spend money on unsafe lessons in unsafe conditions. 

Schools were scheduled to open for the second term on June 28, but this had to be delayed, first by two weeks and now by another two weeks as part of measures to defeat the third wave of Covid-19.

So some parents want their children to keep learning and have found teachers and individuals to offer face-to-face extra lessons, albeit in unsafe conditions.

Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education spokesperson Mr Taungana Ndoro said it was illegal for anyone to conduct face-to-face private lessons.

“The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education would like to reiterate that it is illegal for anyone to conduct face-to-face private lessons either at schools or any private place.

“It remains illegal because we need to put all hands on deck as a nation to ensure that we manage the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Mr Ndoro.

Learners could be infected and in turn infect parents and the rest of the community due to the illegal activities.

Mr Ndoro said parents should not send their children for private lessons.

“The private lessons have been identified as a monster that is contributing to the spread of Covid-19 and I would like to encourage all parents and guardians to avoid sending their children for private lessons as this might spell disaster,” he said.

Mr Ndoro said those caught offering the lessons and those sending their children could be prosecuted.

“Let us reiterate that we will continue to work with law enforcement agencies to ensure that Covid-19 protocols are adhered to. We therefore encourage the use of online learning platforms and also use of the ministry online learning platforms. 

“Let us continue taking care of our loved ones until such a time when the Government sees it fit for schools to reopen,” he said.

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