President slams profiteers President Mnangagwa

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President Mnangagwa has slammed the rent-seeking behaviour by some businesses that continue to increase prices of basic goods without justification, saying they were exploiting the people and hampering the attainment of Vision 2030.

Addressing the Zanu-PF National Youth Assembly in Harare yesterday, the President said a meeting between Government and various stakeholders was on the cards to find common ground.

“Government notes the present wanton, upsurge and ever escalating unjustified increase in prices,” President Mnangagwa said.

“We urge compatriots in industry, business and commerce to desist from this inhumane trend which brought untold suffering and misery to our people. Government is in the process of meeting with stakeholders in the sector for discussions around the issues. We cannot have the continued exploitation of our people by those who exhibit rent-seeking behaviour.”

Some businesses are wantonly increasing prices of commodities citing movements in the exchange rate instead of predicating adjustments on inflation trends.

President Mnangagwa, who is the Zanu-PF First Secretary, said servant leadership would be the flagship of the Second Republic as Government focuses on attaining Vision 2030 which entails turning Zimbabwe into an upper middle income.

“Over the past year, I have cherished every moment of service, by all of use guided by our commitment to servant leadership,” he said.

“Even in crises and hard times, there really is no greater honour than to serve the people of Zimbabwe.

“No matter how you choose to serve or what you choose to do, you must always remember our core value system.

“As we all serve the party and nation, let us remember that Zimbabweans want to look after their families, feed and care for them.”

He said small to medium enterprises (SMEs) played a critical role in economic growth and Government hoped to see a large number of young people presenting viable small to medium sized project proposals and seek support for start-ups.

“As the National Youth Assembly and leaders from various provinces, you have the obligation to skilfully mobilise the youths to form the critical mass needed to rebuild and grow every sector of our economy,” the President said.

“I challenge you to accelerate the development of sustainable youth-owned businesses. It is through the full participation of young people that we will speedily modernise, industrialise and grow our economy.

“The establishment of the Empowerment Bank among other initiatives is testimony of my Government’s continued commitment to improve the quality of life and opportunities for our youth.

“Equally, I urge you to encourage the youth to fully utilise the Innovation Incubation Hubs within institutions of higher learning as well as the India-Africa Incubation Centre. My Government will continue to expand these to all provinces so that the majority of young people benefit.”

Youths, President Mnangagwa said, should also start-up businesses which sprout from information communication technology, mining to agriculture.

“There are vast opportunities that the Second Republic will continue to avail to the youth,” he said.

“You must therefore, be innovative and bold as opposed to merely wanting to be beneficiaries of charity or preferential treatment.”

Turning to politics, President Mnangagwa said he was aware of machinations by enemies to destabilise the party by causing despondency and disunity amongst leaders.

“Let us all condemn and expose these acts,” he said.

“Let me also warn that as provided by our party constitution acts of indiscipline, treachery and disloyalty will not be tolerated and condoned.”

The National Youth Assembly was attended by the Vice President and Zanu-PF Second Secretaries Cdes Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi.

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