President commissions massive dam, projects 

13 May, 2021 - 14:05 0 Views
President commissions massive dam, projects  Muchekeranwa Dam

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Fungi Kwaramba in Headlands

President Mnangagwa has commissioned the Muchekeranwa Dam, formerly Causeway Dam, that will benefit the provinces of Mashonaland East and Manicaland.

Apart from commissioning the dam, the President launched the Presidential Fisheries Scheme and the Muchekeranwa irrigation project, which are spinoffs from the massive dam that was built through a public private partnership.

The President also officiated at the ground breaking of the Muchekeranwa-Wenimbe pipeline that will see the town of Marondera getting water from the new dam, with the surplus going to the capital city, Harare.

Speaking after touring the project, one among many that the Second Republic has completed, the President emphasised the importance of water in people’s livelihoods.

“Water is life and in life we need water, so today in your numbers you are a testimony that water is life,” he said. “Water has been coursing through these places for ages but now we have come up with a plan to use the water so that it sustains life even after rains have gone.

“This dam will provide water for domestic purposes as well as for livestock. I would like to thank Chief Svosve and the families that were living here who moved to pave way for this day.

“As a reward, you will receive free irrigation. The objective is to ensure that we plant throughout the year and improve livelihoods throughout the country. We have opened a fishery in this dam, there shall be village committees that will be in charge and we shall also have commercial fisheries.”

President Mnangagwa said no province will be left behind in terms of development.

“We are building bridges, dams, roads across the country, soon our roads will be up to standard,” he said.

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