Poland offers new gateway for Zim students

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Poland offers new gateway for Zim students Students discuss enrolment procedures with Vincent Pol University officials recently

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Zimbabweans looking for an international study experience are increasingly looking to Poland, a visiting deputy chancellor from the European country has said.

According to Dorota Stefanek-Langham, deputy chancellor for international studies at Vincent Pol University in the city of Lublin, 40 Zimbabwean students enrolled at her university last year and she expected more to arrive in 2019.

Ms Stefanek-Langham last week said that Zimbabwe would benefit from the increasing number of students going to study in her home country.

“We know that Zimbabwe is a developing country, you need well educated people with skills and that’s what we want to give young people from Zimbabwe, skills so that they come back and work for the good of their own country to improve it, to make it better.

“I would urge people in Zimbabwe to look at Poland, and our university of course, as a potential education destination because you get a lot for less. You get the European experience, which is not different from other European countries but at more affordable prices,” she said.

University tuition in Poland costs between US$1 500 and US$3 500 per year and Ms Stefanek-Langham said that her country has been a member of the European Union for the past 15 years and meets the education standards of the entire bloc, which is required by EU regulations.

Study in Poland Africa, a Zimbabwean education consultancy, helps process local students’ applications, travel requirements including visas and accommodation arrangements.

A consultant at Study in Poland Africa, Bright Mahwite, said that people were choosing to study in Poland not only because the education in that country offered potential employment and further study opportunities in Europe and elsewhere, but also because the degrees were compatible with those offered in this country.

“It’s easy for the students to come back and further their studies at local institutions including the University of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Lublin is a student town with a total population of 300 000 people. Of these 80 000 are students and with 7 000 being international students. According to Ms Stefanek-Langham this has created a melting pot of cultures leading to vibrant interaction between people of diverse backgrounds.

“A lot of people living in Lublin support themselves with student related services so they are happy to have students regardless of the race, background or the country they come from,” she said.

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