Plane bombing: Somali aviation officials nabbed

Plane bombing: Somali aviation officials nabbed

Plane bombing Somali aviation officials nabbedMOGADISHU. — Somali security officials have reportedly arrested aviation officials they believe planned the bomb attack that was intended to bring down a Daallo Airlines flight last week.

Sources close to the investigations told Xinhua yesterday surveillance cameras captured two men handing over a laptop to another one who boarded the plane.

Transport Minister Ahmed Jama told journalists that investigators had established a bomb had been planted on the Djibouti-bound airline.

The development came as speculations continue over exactly how the passenger passed the security procedures undetected.

The source told Xinhua that there were likely indications that the plan was executed by aviation officials at the airport.

The airport has three security screens run jointly by African Union troops, Somali security agents, and a Turkish company that runs operations at Mogadishu airport.

Somali Police Commissioner General Mohamed Hassan Hamud said the attackers used a laptop to carry out the attack inside the plane.

“A laptop computer was used during the attack inside the plane. Special experts are still examining the case,” Hamud said in Mogadishu.

He said more security officers have been deployed to the airport, noting that the officers are under firm instruction to remain vigilant at all times.

The aircraft A321 flight was approximately 15 minutes in the air when the bombing incident happened on February 2, causing a hole in the fuselage.

However, pilots managed to safely land the aircraft back at Mogadishu Airport and without any further incident.

All passengers, except one, disembarked safely after aircraft landed at the airport.

Two passengers suffered minor injuries and they were taken to the hospital for treatment. — Xinhua

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