Udo W. Froese Correspondent—

The time has finally come for South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), to wake up and blunt the spurious allegations against it by the media and its owners.

It has become the punch bag of the paymasters of right-wing racist forces.

In their continuous attempts to bankrupt the economy to achieve a “fire sale” of South and southern Africa’s economy by reducing the Rand currency value to 50 Rand for one United States dollar, the architects of apartheid and their puppets are hard at work to destabilise the entire SADC.

As repeatedly stated, one has to follow the trail of the money behind the political destabilisation activities.

In fact, the architects of apartheid exist to this day. Only their agent-puppets change. Their media openly warns that the “Marikana massacre” will continue.

The media wages its public war against Jacob Zuma and his ANC-led government.

But, the concern about the intensifying media-war seems not too serious. “No matter what the media says, it has limited influence on the general public,” a well-known former media editor explained.

“The bush telegraph is the driver of real and honest information against the propaganda of the assumed soft power of the media,” he continues. “The ANC has listened gently for 100 years to the bush telegraph and the whispers in the corridors.”

The General Secretary of the South African Communist Party (SACP) Blade Nzimande alleged that the mining company, BHP Billiton “in a deliberate attempt to undermine the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM)”, funded the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU) at Marikana.

Marikana seems a perfect storm. The mineworkers seemed to be set up. They were seriously armed with razorblade-sharp pangas; spears and knives, knobkerries and some even had pistols with live ammunition. Witchdoctors came to bless them.

Workers’ frustrations and naiveté were exploited to create a popular picture of the beginning of a bloody national uprising against President Jacob Zuma and the government of South Africa. Some commentators went as far as describing it as “the coming of the Arab spring”.

Senior observers of that incident told this writer, “Apartheid agents continue to fight an old war, which has been going on for one hundred years. We have seen it all before.”

They refer to the so-called “black-on-black” violence of 1992 to 1994, to “xenophobia” of May 2008, to the numerous “taxi wars” and to the inhumane “necklacing” as well as to the apartheid media wars against the ANC, SACP, Cosatu, SWAPO, Frelimo, ZANU, ZAPU — the Patriotic Front of Zimbabwe and UNIP of Zambia.

It has been brought to this columnist’s attention that the architects of apartheid predominantly live in chosen exile, “longing for the days of having a ‘leader’ they can manipulate so they can plunder his country further. They derived their enormous wealth from real theft only.”

He elaborates further, “Those oligarchs never fail to present their noble reasons, why that leader must be brought down. In the very same vein they identify him as a mad dog.

“They character assassinated Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe; Chile’s murdered president Salvador Allende; South Africa’s killed leader Chris Hani; Namibia’s retired president Sam Nujoma and the murdered president of Mozambique, Samora Machel and many more.

“That noble veneer however, has become transparent and predictable. It is out in the public domain.”

A respected senior observer and retired academic researcher added, “Considering the current evil games played by a host of interests in South Africa, the architects of apartheid work from a satanic base in the shadows. They created a ‘closed cartel economy’ with resulting structured poverty for the majority.”

He hastened to point out, “These evildoers come from all parts and religions of society and are not from one sector only. They have structured themselves into labour, capital, academia, government, civil society, including into the religious structures.”

Udo W. Froese is an independent political and socio-economic analyst and columnist.

Having asked him for a way out of this morass, he answered, “We must learn from the strategies of Latin America, how they dealt with it. For example, when they deployed the media to forward their business interests, Ecuador brought in a law that does not allow cross-ownership between media and business to avoid conflict of interest.

“In other words, the media is simply not allowed by law to have any other business interests other than inside the media itself. The media becomes an honest information broker.”

But, until the above-described law is not applicable to South Africa, the “likes of Tokyo Sexwale can use the media to advance their own interests at the expense of the media, which should rather be an honest broker of information.

“It is true that politicians are easily bought. Sexwale’s attempt at a political coup will most likely end in tears for him and his cronies,” the retired editor observed.

The attacks on the person of Jacob Zuma are seen as a red herring. The real reason for the massive roll-out of the smear campaign against Zuma is his popularity, this writer is told. According to the same sources, “Zuma seems clear that there is no return to pre-1994 South Africa.”

Udo W. Froese is an independent political and socio-economic analyst and columnist.

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