Opposition leader sues Econet over $1 Kisinoti Mukwazhe
Kisinoti Mukwazhe

Kisinoti Mukwazhe

Abigail Mawonde Herald Correspondent
Zimbabwe Development Party leader Mr Kisinoti Mukwazhe has taken a local mobile network service provider to the High Court for a dollar that he claims was unprocedurally deducted from his account.

Mukwazhe recently issued summons to Econet Wireless. He is demanding $500 000 in compensation from the mobile service provider.

Mukwazhe is registered on the EcoCash platform and claims to have lost business due to unauthorised deductions of Ecosure premiums from his account.

In his application, he cited Ecosure, a subsidiary of Econet Wireless, as the first defendant while Econet Wireless is the second defendant.

Mr Mukwazhe alleged that he failed to make a business call while in South Africa after the money that was in his EcoSure account had been deducted from his EcoCash account.

“The plaintiff is a registered cellphone line holder with the second defendant and is registered on the second defendant’s EcoCash platform,” reads his summons. “The plaintiff is also on the roaming facility of the second defendant.

“The first defendant, without consulting and without the consent of the plaintiff, started deducting $1 from the plaintiff’s EcoCash account. The plaintiff did not sign any documents for him to be on the first defendant’s platform.

“However, the plaintiff, while away in South Africa, wanted to make a business call, but failed to do so because the first defendant had deducted $1 from his EcoCash account.

“This led the plaintiff to fail to make the essential business call and resultantly that led him to lose on a potential business transaction.

“All this because the first defendant had deducted money from his EcoCash account.”

According to the lawsuit, the actions of EcoSure and Econet Wireless traumatised Mr Mukwazhe “who was on the verge of making lucrative business” but could not do so due to the deduction of the $1, which left him with inadequate money to recharge or top-up his phone.

Despite demand, Mr Mukwazhe said, EcoSure and Econet Wireless failed and or neglected to compensate him, leaving him with no remedy other than approaching the court for redress.

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