Of Mugabe’s selfish rantings

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Of Mugabe’s selfish rantings Former president Mugabe

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Tatenda Gono Correspondent
In his own words during a recent interview he granted to foreign journalists, former president Robert Mugabe said, “Zimbabwe does not deserve this disgrace.”

It would be comforting if the former President took counsel from his own words because his actions since he retired have been a disgrace. Mugabe has now become his own disgrace.

We are at a point, like President Mnangagwa clearly pointed out, where the country has moved on and where the focus is on “lifting people from the effects of years of severe economic regression and international isolation.”

Being the once respected statesman that he was, Mugabe should know that Zimbabweans are people, who have their country at heart and would positively work from all angles to move the country forward.

Former president Mugabe should be reminded that in 2016, at a million man march held in Harare to show solidarity with him as the then President, he said, “I’m at the service of the people. If the people feel I should go, I will go, but as long as I feel I could serve the people and I can do my best as I have done in the past, I’m doing my best and when time comes, fine, I will go.”

On November 18, 2017, the people of Zimbabwe marched in the streets of Harare in their thousands and asked him to resign. It was time for him to go and the people spoke.

In his latest interview, Mugabe has shown that he is a selfish person, who, after his resignation, was expected to be an advisor and mentor, has shown elements of being a divisive individual, who is delusional and totally out of touch with the reality on the ground.

Mugabe endorsed the New Patriotic Front party, which is undeniably his project, so that he shows his resentment towards President Mnangagwa and his leadership and engage in efforts to sway people from supporting Cde Mnangagwa’s Presidency.

Mugabe feels that Mnangagwa is indebted to him, that the whole country owes him and should have thanked him in ways beyond capabilities.

He comes out as someone, who thinks there is no one to supersede him. His interview shows that he is desperately seeking relevance and is not able to deal with reality that Zimbabwe can flourish without a self-imposed life leader, or any other person besides him.

Mugabe had created a dynasty around himself where his immediate family and his G40 allies were the only people who enjoyed the best of what Zimbabwe has to offer.

Mugabe’s sons are arrogant and insensitive enough to record and post videos on social media splurging thousands of dollars on senseless parties, expensive vehicles and fashion, sponsored by the taxpayers’ money.

In the end, Mugabe’s desperate attempts to discredit President Mnangagwa and his administration can best be described as dzangova shungu dzeharahwa kurota ichiyamwa.

Mugabe should humbly take the opportunity to enjoy his retirement and if he feels he has contributions to make towards the development of the country, he should do so through proper channels of engagement.

Lest he forget, Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans and they alone decide the course their life has to take. Zimbabwe has moved on.

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