New water harvesting technology unveiled

08 May, 2013 - 22:05 0 Views

The Herald

Speaking in Harare yesterday at the launch of one of three water harvesters/generators for indoor use, the company’s chief executive, Mr Ellard Sauka, said his organisation was keen to play a part in addressing Africa’s water challenges through such innovations as harvesting water from the atmosphere.

“Africa is currently suffering in terms of access to clean and safe water, and studies show that the atmosphere holds approximately 92 quadrillion litres of water and most of it close to 84 percent evaporated from the oceans.

“We have the patented technology to harvest that water vapour to produce                                                                                                      safe and clean drinking water,” said Mr Sauka.

New and Master Technologies (Pvt) Limited chief executive for South Africa Mr Medwyn Jacobs demonstrated to delegates how the new water harvester operates.
They come in three sizes with the smallest unit suitable for indoor use in the home or office and can produce 38 litres of clean water every 24 hours, the middle one is a mobile unit that produces 1 300 litres every 24 hours.

The largest which is an industrial unit can produce up to 6 800 litres of water every 24 hours.
“Our technology hinges on two processes that are advanced filtration and ozonation, the former ensures there are no inorganic minerals or foreign matter while the latter kills all bacteria that might be present.

“There is no need for rain, surface water or even underground water but just the air around us (humidity) for safe water to be generated,” he said.
All forms of energy from electricity, generators, and turbines to solar panels can power the water harvesters.

Present at the launch were officials from local authorities, the Ministry of Water Resources Development and Management and the Zimbabwe National Water                          Authority.

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