The country’s leading internet service provider, ZOL Zimbabwe has invested in an array of digital support channels to ensure consistent and superior customer service, with the latest being a “pop-up notification” feature to pre-empt and address frequently asked questions.

As befits a technology company that is customer-centric, ZOL’s e-care efforts have been concentrated in three channels: the myZOL mobile app, ZOL social networks and ZOL’s website which is white-listed on ZOL connections.

The benefit of white-listing the ZOL website is that customers who are on a ZOL connection can access the website even when they have run out their data bundles and be able to access 24-hour customer service though a Live Chat platform housed on the ZOL website.

In other words, customers who have zero data balance but require assistance can receive it for free, day or night as long as they are on a ZOL connection.

The latest e-care solution that ZOL is introducing was unveiled at the company’s annual products launch earlier this year and will go a long way in pro-actively delivering key updates, vital information and useful tips to customers in a convenient manner.

Unlike ZOL’s existing digital customer service channels, the pop-up notification feature does not require the customer to do anything to receive the information — it simply pops up on their screen as they browse.

The pop up notifications will not be randomly deployed but will be triggered if a pertinent message about a customer’s account needs to be relayed.

This means the pop up notifications will be tailored to the individual customer thereby empowering customers to enjoy more control over their accounts.

Some of the information that will be relayed through the pop up notification feature includes the following:

  • Balance notifications: Customers will receive data balance updates periodically so that they are aware of the data they have used and how much they have remaining — and “budget” their usage if need be. Capped customers who have signed up for Night Owl will also be able to track and monitor their Night Owl balance using the pop up notification feature.
  • Bill reminders: Customers can now avoid the inconvenience of having their accounts suspended through timely pop up notifications that will ensure they stay on top of their bill payments. Receiving reminders in advance will go a long way in helping customers plan ahead with regards to keeping their accounts in good standing and staying connected without disruption.
  • Package health: Customers will also be informed of their package health status through the pop up notifications. The package health status information will help customers to track and adjust their usage patterns to conform to the fair usage policy.
  • Promotions: Opportunities to win awesome prizes and benefit from numerous special offers will be communicated through the pop up notifications to ensure customers do not miss out.

The notification pop up feature, which will be automatically enabled when a user starts a browsing session is designed to enhance customer experience and empower customers to enjoy greater control over their accounts.

Customers who prefer to use other digital channels to get the information they need will be able to deactivate the pop up notifications by logging into their myZOL account and disabling it.

The pop up notification feature is predictive because they are only triggered when information that a customer needs to know must be relayed such as account balance or bill reminders.

In this manner, ZOL’s latest e-care solution is designed to pre-empt what information a customer will need to know and then provide it before the customer asks for it — which is very convenient.

When using Econet lines, customers already enjoy free calls to ZOL Support on 08677 123 123 — directly to a call centre that is manned 24-hours a day and 365 days a year.

Also calling from your ZOL line at home and at work is free. By providing free digital customer service channels, such as a white-listed website on a ZOL connection, a free Live Chat service on, a free Support number to call and introducing a notification pop up feature — ZOL makes sure that seeking information or help does not come at a cost for valued customers. This solution is coming to you this July. ZOL customers deserve to live like this.

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