NASHVILLE FARCE: Students stage-manage Covid-19 drama Nashville pupils appearing to be sick and lying on the ground.

Freedom Mupanedemo Midlands Bureau

The social media audio and a picture of pupils appearing to be sick and lying on the ground was stage-managed by pupils at Nashville High School in protest after the school authorities postponed an exit weekend which was scheduled for today.

There has been alarm and despondency on social media platforms with reports of a Covid-19 outbreak at the boarding school in Gweru.

It, however, turned out to be a hoax this morning after all the 187 pupils in the school tested negative to Covid-19 following some rapid tests at the school.

Gweru District Covid-19 Taskforce Chairperson, Mr Joram Chimedza said some learners had posted the pictures on social media to trigger the response.

“The pictures were actually sent by some of the pupils who were not happy after they were denied an exit weekend. They meant to cause alarm,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Chimedza said testing was ongoing on teaching and non-teaching staff with none having tested positive so far.

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