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Muzinda nominated for top award

01 Sep, 2018 - 00:09 0 Views
Muzinda nominated for top award Tanya Muzinda

The Herald

Sports Reporter

ZIMBABWE’s motocross sensation Tanya Muzinda is in line to land another top award after she was nominated for the African Children of the Year by Stacey Fru Foundation.

The awards ceremony will be held in South Africa in November.

The awards are for children between the age of 7 and 13.

Although Muzinda turned 14 yesterday, she was still 13 during the period under review.

And Muzinda has expressed satisfaction after being nominated.

“I feel greatly honoured to have been nominated for a very prestigious award for The African Children Of The Year Awards to be held in South Africa in November this year.

“I always work hard to try and improve and to have reputable foundations such as the Stacey Fru Foundation recognising your contribution is something of an encouragement.

“You feel like your efforts are being appreciated. It’s a good feeling. Just to be amongst the nominees is a good sign of greatness. I am quite humbled by the development.

“I would like to thank my parents who always support me.

“This is no longer my own dream alone but the family’s dream.

“I hope to continue doing well on the track,” Muzinda said.

Stacey Fru Foundation and its partners will recognise all African children ages 7-13 who are contributing positively to their communities, country and continent in their bid to glorify African talent and promote continental development.

Stacey Fru is an 11-year-old Youngest Multiple awards winning author of a chapter of books in the world, who wrote her first book at the age of seven without the supervision of her parents.

Stacey Fru’s influence has given her Great Honour to be the custodian of The African Children of the Year Awards (ACYA).

This award will fulfil Stacey’s urge to celebrate other children as she gets celebrated.

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