Msipa rapped for thoughtless proposition

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Msipa rapped for thoughtless proposition

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Zanu-PF Politburo member Cde Cephas Msipa’s claims that factionalism in the revolutionary party could result in a split is a thoughtless proposition that has the effect of causing unnecessary confusion, Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has said. Cde Msipa said earlier this week that he had met President Mugabe a few years ago and proposed that he nominates a successor to avert a messy power struggle, but had been rebuffed, with the President insisting that the party should choose who takes over after him.

“We have to be careful that factionalism does not lead other people to think about forming a break-away party. It can happen . . . ” Cde Msipa said.
But Prof Moyo, speaking at the Bulawayo Press Club on Tuesday, said: “This is an example of a thoughtless proposition because in political history, it has never happened that a ruling party splits one year after winning an election, and four years before the next election.

“Splits within ruling parties happen on the eve of an election, but never ever when there’s so much to do and we’ve so much time.
“The parties that split after an election are the losing ones.”

Environment, Water and Climate Minister Saviour Kasukuwere, who also participated in the discussion, said any suggestions that Zanu-PF would crumble because of factional politics were “nonsense”.
History was littered with leaders who left the party, but failed to gain traction with voters, he said.

“Cde Msipa is saying there will be a split. Why? What has he seen? We have a President who was elected, all of you voted for him. President Mugabe was not elected to be immediately succeeded.”

Politburo member Cde Patrick Zhuwawo, who was the guest speaker at the discussion, said comments such as Cde Msipa’s had allowed Zanu-PF’s critics to pontificate that “the centre was no-longer holding”, itself the product of factionalism.

And Cde Kasukuwere added: “The centre is even stronger now than at any other time. We have got to know real politics. President Mugabe is here to stay and we are backing him.
“All those who run around looking for power and thinking they can succeed, they are joking. We are not going to allow that nonsense. Who’re you to tell us that Zanu-PF will split?”
He said the party was very clear of where it was going and would not allow anyone who brings confusion.

“We are going for a congress. I support President Mugabe, he is my candidate. Anyone who wants to stand against him, don’t tell us about the party being divided. There are no two Zanu-PFs,” said Cde Kasukuwere.

“Those who speak about a split, Makoni (Simba) did it and is out there, Dumiso (Dabengwa) uko, (Edgar) Tekere uko. You’ll chip off and we will continue.”
Cde Msipa, a former PF-Zapu senior cadre who participated in the 1987 Unity Accord that brought PF-Zapu and Zanu together, also revealed that he had met former PF-Zapu leaders in Gweru last year where a “unanimous” decision was taken that Cde Simon Khaya Moyo would be seconded to the vacant post of Vice President.

This is disputed by some of the leaders who attended the meeting, and The Chronicle understands President Mugabe blocked an attempt to announce Cde Khaya Moyo as the preferred nominee on Unity Day, December 22 last year.

The announcement would have overshadowed the opening of the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport, the renaming of Main Street Joshua Nkomo Street and the unveiling of a statue of the late Father Zimbabwe.

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