MPs tour Gvt’s major infrastructural projects

04 Jul, 2022 - 11:07 0 Views
MPs tour Gvt’s major infrastructural projects Dr Nyashanu

The Herald

Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter

Parliament’s portfolio committee on Budget and Finance is touring major infrastructural projects being funded by the Government as part of its oversight role in ensuring how resources that have been deployed by Treasury are being utilised.

The tour which starts today will see them visit the Beitbridge Modernisation project, Gwai Shangani Dam and Water Pipeline project and Hwange Power Station Unit 7 and 8.

In an interview, this morning, Committee chairperson and Buhera Central MP Dr Mathew Nyashanu said their tour ensures that Government projects are successfully implemented as envisaged by the National Development Strategy 1.

“The Parliamentary Committee on Budget, Finance and Economic Development is embarking on a three-day tour of the country’s three major infrastructure projects namely Beitbridge Modernisation Project, Gwai Shangani Dam and Water Pipeline Project and Hwange 7 and 8 Thermal Power Expansion Project. As you might be aware, Parliament is mandated by section 299 of the Constitution and its Standing Order number 20 to oversee the revenues and expenditures of the Government. Resources being deployed to these projects are directly coming from the National Budget. As the Committee on Budget, Finance and Economic Development, it is our duty to ensure the successful implementation of the National Budget by following up on specific projects and programs being funded in line with Government Policy,” said Dr Nyashanu.

“This is meant to ensure transparency, accountability and responsibility across Government institutions. Transparency and accountability should be the hallmark of our democracy. As Parliament, we are responsible for protecting the Constitution and promoting democratic governance.”

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