Mozambique optimistic about economic recovery

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Mozambique optimistic about economic recovery Carlos Agostinho do Rosario

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MAPUTO. — Mozambican Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosario said Wednesday at the parliament that the national economy continues to show encouraging signs of recovery, thanks to a lower inflation rate and the supportive environment for investment.

Addressing a question and answer session between the government and opposition Members of Parliament, Agostinho do Rosario said that macroeconomic indicators show stability.

“Our perspective is that inflation will remain low and stable and will contribute to alleviate the cost of living and provide an environment of greater predictability for companies that want to invest in our country,” the minister said.

According to the prime minister the improvement of the economy will allow the resumption of construction of hospitals that were paralysed by lack of funds.

“There was better management of public accounts, reduction in public spending and the percentage of gross domestic product fell from 33.9 percent in 2017 to 30.5 percent this year,” he said.

The improvement in public accounts, he added, allowed the government to begin regularising the Mozambican state’s debts to private suppliers of goods and services.

“This reflects our fiscal consolidation efforts, with an increasingly efficient allocation of resources in order to generate a greater impact on the national economy,” he said. – Xinhua

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