Mnangagwa speaks on Unity VP Mnangagwa
Newly-appointed Vice Presidents Cdes Phelekezela Mphoko (left) and Emmerson Mnangagwa chat after their appointment at zanu-pf Headquarters in Harare.

Newly-appointed Vice Presidents Cdes Phelekezela Mphoko (left) and Emmerson Mnangagwa chat after their appointment at zanu-pf Headquarters in Harare.

Acting President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa says Zimbabweans should continue to cherish the Unity Accord signed between Zanu-PF and PF-Zapu for the sake of peace, stability and development of the nation. In an interview with ZBC News yesterday, Cde Mnangagwa said the current events and the past were replete with lessons that the unity of a nation was better than fragmentation, which led to civil strife and lack of development of a nation.

He said Government took the Unity Accord so seriously that it had incorporated some provisions of the accord into the new Constitution of Zimbabwe.

Cde Mnangagwa also said the country was a strong advocate of regional integration of the Sadc region and therefore should not allow disunity and fragmentation.

“It is the desire of Zimbabwe’s leadership to move forward as a family and the few who may fall by the wayside are of no consequence.”

President Mugabe and veteran nationalist and national hero, the late Vice President Joshua Nkomo, signed the historic Unity Accord on December 22 1987.

The Unity Accord brought a solid political establishment that has been resoundingly winning all local authorities and national elections to date.

While Zanu-PF has travelled a long way from the trenches of the liberation struggle to date, some have chosen to form their own political parties, which are conduits of Western governments, while some opposition parties are built along tribal lines.

Most of them have either folded up or failed to attract a meaningful following with some failing to even contest in national elections.

Political analyst Dr Charity Manyeruke said, Zimbabweans should respect all those who fought for the liberation of Zimbabwe and proceed to create a peaceful environment obtaining in the country.

“As we celebrate the coming together of the people of Zimbabwe, we should also guard jealously our State Zimbabwe and respect all those who fought to liberate it.

“Unity Day is time for reflection, reflecting on the struggles that the country has gone through,” she said.

Dr Manyeruke said that Zimbabweans should not forget the role played by Father Zimbabwe and President Mugabe in unifying the people.

She added: “We should never let the enemy divide us as a nation.”

Another political and social commentator, Mr Goodwine Mureriwa, said the country’s independence would be incomplete without the recognition of the Unity Accord and its chief architects, President Mugabe and Dr Joshua Nkomo.

He said the objectives of all those expelled and/or suspended from the ruling party, were for fanning disunity, adding that Zimbabweans should not emulate them.

Former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her cabal were fired from Government for among other issues causing factionalism.

“Those people who wanted to oust the President, their objectives were of disunity. Come Unity Day, it’s time they sat down and reflect on where they went wrong and come back to the party.

“Unity to Zimbabweans is very important, for it is the cornerstone of peace and development. It is very precious to us. No strife-torn country will develop,” he said.

Mr Mureriwa said Zimbabwe was well experienced in handling its internal conflicts, especially looking at the meticulous way the post independence skirmishes were handled. — ZBC/Herald Reporter.

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