Missing Chinhoyi baby found  4 months later Ms Nyanhere showing a sock belonging to her child which she discovered near her house after the kidnap.

A six-month-old Chinhoyi baby, Dadirai Seremwe, who was reported missing four months ago has been found dumped in Mt Darwin, some 215km from Chinhoyi.

The baby, whose mother resides in Ruvimbo suburb, went missing when she was only two-months-old.

She was kidnapped by a yet to be identified person when her mother, Ms Vicky Nyanhete, had reportedly escorted a visitor from the family home.

When Ms Nyanhete returned home, the baby was missing and she was told by her two other children that a man had entered the house and made off with the baby.

Ms Nyanhete reported the matter to the police, but she was arrested and detained for three nights together with her friend.

Police confirmed that the baby had been found and DNA tests would be conducted to ascertain if she was indeed the one kidnapped in Chinhoyi. ZBC News.

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