Mbare market prices
 25 November 2022
Product Description Price
Potato/Pocket Chat US$3-US$3.5
Small US$4-US$4.5
Medium US$5-US$5.5
Large US$6-US$6.5
Extra large US$6.5-US$7
Tomatoes 30kg sandak US$16-US$20
Wooden box US$2-US$3
Plastic dish US$1.50
Vegetables Cabbage head US$0.30-US$0.60
Covo/bundle US$2.50
Rape/bundle US$2.50
Tsunga/bundle US$1.50
Beetroot/bundle US$1-US$2
Onions -10kg pocket US$4-US$6
Onions -bundle US$1
Mubora US$1
Onions shallots US$0.50
English Cucumber US$0.5-US$1
Cauliflower/kg US$1.50
Broccoli/kg US$1.50
Lettuce head US$0.5-US$1
Ginger/kg US$1-US$1.5
Garlic/kg US$2-US$3
Turmeric/kg US$2-US$2.5
Okra/5litre tin US$2.5-US$3
Egg plant US$1
Mushroom fresh/pallet US$1-US$2.5
Mushroom wild/bucket US$1-US$2.50
Red and Yellow pepper US$2-US$2.5
Matemba 20 litre tin US$39-US$45
Madora 20 litre tin US$35-US$38
Sugar beans 20 litre tin US$16-US$25
Soyachunks 1kg US$2.50
Munyemba 20 litre tin US$16
Munyevhe 20 litre tin US$14
Mutsine 20 litre tin US$15-US$16
Dried Covo 20 litre tin US$15-US$18
Dried Cabbage 20 litre tin US$15-US$18
Sweet potato 20 litre tin US$4-US$5
Sweet potato 60kg bag US$23-US$25
Magogoya 20 litre bucket US$12-US$13
Magogoya 60kg bag US$55-US$65
Butternuts 60kg bag US$20-US$27
Carrots Bucket US$10
Green pepper 20 litre tin US$15-US$16
Cucumber 20 litre tin US$13-US$20
Fine beans bucket US$15-US$16
Mango bucket US$8
Green mealies Dozen US$2- US$3
Sugar cane Bundle (20-26) US$15-US$25
Masawu 5litre tin US$1-US$1.5
Matohwe 5litre tin US$2-US$2.5
Nyii 5litre tin US$5.50
Mawuyu 5litre tin US$1
Apple box US$15-US$18
Avocado Single US$0.10-US$0.30
Banana crate US$10-US$12
Grapes US$16-US$20
Oranges Pocket (10kg) US$5-$6
Naartigies Box US$10-US$12
Pears box US$18
Strawberry pallet US$1
Rusika (Tamarind) pallet US$3
Pawpaw Single US$1-US$2
Nectarines pallet US$1-US$2
Coconut Single US$1-US$2
Water melon Single US$1- US$4
Leaches pallet US$1
Plum pallet US$2
Tsubvu pallet US$2.5-US$5
Pine Apple Box US$10-US$12
Lemon 20 litre tin US$3-US$4
Maize grain 20 litre tin US$4-US$5
Maize mumhare 20 litre tin US$20
Shelled groundnuts 20 litre tin US$18-US$26
Unshelled groundnuts 20 litre tin US$4-US$6
Nyimo shelled 20 litre tin US$18-US$26
Fresh nyimo 20 litre tin US$8-US$10
Soyabean 20 litre tin US$10-US$12
Wheat 20 litre tin US$7-US$8
Popcorn 20 litre tin US$16-US$18
Cowpeas (Nyemba) 20 litre tin US$16-US$18
Sunflower 20 litre tin US$6-US$7
Finger millet (Zviyo) 20 litre tin US$16-US$20
Mhunga 20 litre tin US$8
Shelled brown rice 20 litre tin US$40
Unshelled brown rice 20 litre tin US$20
Sorghum (mapfunde) 20 litre tin US$10-US$12
Horned cucumber 20 litre tin US$12-US$13
Broiler Mother US$8-US$10
Broiler Ordinary US$5-US$6
Offlayer each US$4
Road runner hens each US$4-US$6
Road runner cocks each US$5-US$6
Guinea fowl (hanga) each US$7-US$10
Ducks each US$9-US$12
Turkey each US$15-US$25
Pigeons each US$1.5-US$2
Rabbits each US$7-US$12
Eggs (small) crate US$2.20-US$2.50
Eggs (medium) crate US$3.20-US$3.50
Eggs (large) crate US$3.50-US$4
Market information comes to you courtesy of The Herald & eMKambo 0772137717

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