Marondera police still to account for man who murdered woman

Marondera police are appealing for information that might assist in solving the case of the woman who was axed last Monday and the killer left a note stating the reason for murdering her.

Neria Maringa reportedly left her home at Grasslands Farm in Marondera last Monday morning intending to go for prayers and to fetch firewood afterwards but never returned.

Her body was found the following day with an axe stuck on the left side of her head and a note by the killer indicating the reason why he murdered her.

Mashonaland East police spokesperson Inspector Simon Chazovachii said they were still investigating the case while also waiting for post mortem results and rape tests.

“We would like to encourage people to report any information pertaining to the case so we can apprehend the suspect,” he said.

When it was found, Mariga’s body was half-naked with a black top and a white bra on, while the lower part was undressed with underwear and black skin-tight dropped to knee level.

The police further observed that her black and white skirt was pulled up to the waist while a written note was on her back, inscribed “To husband mark of the beast aftermaths of Chihure (prostitutions) wakandirambirei (why did you reject me) this is just not manslaughter, but a violent, brutal and toxic expression of love if not passion by ex-killer Maisiri paWedza.”

In 1982, Zimbabwean police arrested a mass murderer who had been on a six year killing orgy and had come to be called the “Axe Killer”.

On his arrest, Sampson Kanderayi (35), confessed to killing more than 50 people and led police to the burial site of many of his victims, half of whom the police did not know about until he told them.

Most of the victims were first raped and had political slogans carved on their legs with a knife, something which Kanderayi said he did to mislead police and make them believe the slayings were politically motivated. – New Ziana

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