Malawi bar owner dies after drinking contest

21 Dec, 2020 - 00:12 0 Views
Malawi bar owner dies after drinking contest

The Herald

LILONGWE. A 28-year-old man died in Kasungu, central Malawi, after drinking 10 bottles of spirit alcohol in a competition, Malawi media reported.

The man identified by the police as Brave Banda, who owned a bar, allegedly challenged customers in his bar last week that he could drink, in succession, 10 bottles of a gin containing 43 percent alcohol, if he succeed in drinking the bottles, the customers watching would settle the bill.

The man was rushed to Kamboni Health Centre, where he died while receiving treatment.

A post-mortem conducted revealed the cause of death as due to hypoglycaemia.

In September, an 11-year-old boy died during the final stage of a beer drinking competition.

The boy, described as a keen drinker, died after drinking five bottles of kachasu at a drinking competition in Mzimba. He had reached the finals of the contest when he collapsed, he was the defending champion.—IOL.

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