Makandiwa impersonator gets bail

Makandiwa impersonator gets bail

Prosper Dembedza Court Correspondent
The court last Friday ordered an 18-year-old man who masqueraded as brother to Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa in order to con a church mate of his car, to bring evidence proving that he is a Form Three pupil at Mufakose 3 High School. James Dick was charged with fraud when he appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Arnold Maburo. He pleaded guilty to the charges and was granted $50 bail.

Mr Maburo ordered Dick to bring a letter from the school on March 7 to confirm whether he is a pupil there or not. Allegations are that on February 29, Dick sent a text massage to Shepherd Sibanda, who is his fellow church mate, purporting to be Pastor Tawanda Makandiwa, young brother to United Family International Church founder and leader Prophet Mkandiwa.

The court heard that Dick, purporting to be Pastor Tawanda, sent a massage to Sibanda that Prophet Makandiwa had sent him to deliver a massage that God spoke to him in a vision and ordered that Sibanda should give his motor vehicle — a Nissan Blue Bird — as seeding to Pastor Tawanda so that he can be blessed.

It is alleged that Dick told Sibanda to go to Joina City and give the motor vehicle to a man of God who shall be waiting there wearing blue shirt, grey trousers and black shoes. It is the State’s case that Dick continued to pester Sibanda to seed his vehicle, resulting in him asking why no such prophecy had been made since he joined the church.

The court heard that Sibanda allegedly reported the matter to church security details who then set a trap for Dick and went to the alleged place, leading to his arrest.

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