Makandiwa hails President Prophet Makandiwa is the leader of UFIC
Prophet Makandiwa

Prophet Makandiwa

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United Family International Church founder Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has commended President Mugabe for remaining principled in the face of illegal economic sanctions, emphasising yesterday that Zimbabwe’s economy would recover soon.

Addressing thousands of congregants in Chitungwiza yesterday, Prophet Makandiwa said the President’s stance, particularly his strong opposition to homosexuality was highly commendable and was one of the major reasons the country had remained on its feet.

“We are where we are now because our leaders have been able to safeguard our culture and values.

“A President who upholds the values of a nation is important. We cannot sacrifice our values because of a loan. Imi muchataura neni pave paya. Muchazondiudza kuti tavafunga VaMugabe vaye. So be very careful when you make decisions,” he said.

He said the human rights issues raised by the West when sanctions were imposed on this country were largely to do with the rights of homosexuals.

“To those countries homosexuality is a right that they have claimed our President is abusing. But is it really about rights because an innocent person out there is being made to suffer (because of sanctions).”

If its about violating human rights who is not violating them . . . don’t you (the West) have torture camps out there where you are torturing people and people are disappearing?”

The tables would soon turn, he said.

“So the question is if that is the cause of our hunger then what shall we do. They refuse to buy our minerals because of that. God will bring them to a place where they will realise they can’t do without what we have.

“Zimbabwe don’t give up, the hand of God that is upon you is mighty.”

Zimbabwe’s future was bright and massive transformation would be experienced soon.

“Zimbabwe shall be shining everywhere. We have a lot of our relatives that went abroad. They are coming back very soon.

“You might have lost roads, you might have lost industries but you have promoted the fear of God and when people fear God don’t take that one away,” he said to much applause from the congregants.

He said the President had done much in keeping Zimbabwe together in face of the illegal embargo adding that even if the country was to have another President he or she would not do much given the sanctions that have constricted progress.

Prophet Makandiwa said it was unfortunate that some newspapers had taken it upon themselves to denigrate President Mugabe, something that never used to happen.

“Its the spirit of the age that makes people undermine those in authority. People now want to even look at even the expenditure of the President.”

He said Zimbabwe’s current challenges were not political but spiritual and it was incumbent upon the church to deal with the spiritual issues. It was the spiritual that controlled the political.

“Politicians are not to be blamed much but we blame the church. Churches have become more confused than the politicians. To a certain extent if politicians were to listen to men of God they would be more confused than they are now.

“Men of God have now become unreliable. They say one thing behind the pulpit but their lives are different from what they preach. Most men of God when they get the opportunity to meet those in authority they begin to talk about the other man of God.

“Those that meet the President only ask for a farm . . . Why do you seek audience with politicians if you don’t have a word from God? We are in a time where something has to be corrected spiritually.”

He stressed that every nation had its problems which only manifested differently.

“For Zimbabwe, the problems have manifested in the economy and for America their problems are manifesting through loose values and a lost culture.”

Prophet Makandiwa stressed the need for Godliness and implementation of Godly principles in running the country and urged the politicians not to attack the church.

“For our economy to change we need to implement Godly principles. It is not about having a President who is born again but one who applies Godly principles and also appoints people like ourselves to pray for him,” he said.

Prophet Makandiwa said politicians should desist from attacking men of God as the church is the one that is playing a significant role in the state of the nation.

“The politicians should not interfere with the church because we are where we are right now because of the church, so let them do their politics and you leave the office of the men of God to the church.”

He also said the industry was going to change citing that there were more than four areas that have more minerals that need to be discovered.

“Politicians concentrate on policies that governs the trade relations and let there be order and transparency and the church will pray against sanctions.

“Diamonds are not only in one place, they can be found in four or five areas other areas where there are even more than those that have been found already. What is needed is to do more prospecting,” he said

He urged the Government to settle for deals that brought machinery into this country as opposed to money.

“We need more machinery not cash. If the Chinese are going to be helping let them bring their machinery here and let us not spoil our minerals . . .” he said.

He said Zimbabwe did not need external forces to assist it because God had already endowed the country and given power to locals to regenerate the economy.

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