Madzivanyika safe for now


Takudzwa Chitsiga Sports Reporter
HARARE City coach Mike Madzivanyika lived for another day yesterday after the team’s executive decided to rally behind his struggling technical team.

The Sunshine Boys have so far collected seven points out of a possible 24 in the eight matches they have played this season. The team has the worst strike-force in the domestic Premiership with only two goals to their credit.

Harare City secretary-general Mathew Marara said they were still firmly behind the coach. “We are behind the coach as you can note that the team is playing very well and we have never been outclassed by the opponents.

“We are just unfortunate in front of goal and it is a cause for concern. “We understand our plight but we cannot sorely blame everything on the coach as the strikers are not doing enough and we have since recommended the coaches to work on that department.

“To win we need goals and that is what is lacking at Harare City and Madzivanyika needs time to adjust. “The coach has been an assistant and for him to be at the helm of a club like Harare City needs us to give him enough time to adjust. We hope he will improve given time,” said Marara.

The Harare City chief said they were not the only ones who needed good strikers. “I think the problem of strikers is throughout the country and we will definitely go on the market during the window period. We had registered 25 players and we have five slots which are vacant and we are likely to look for strikers. “The problem is we cannot look beyond borders as out thrust is to develop local talent so we will see how it goes,” said Marara.

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