Godfrey Gavure Business Reporter
A group of local entrepreneurs have come together under the banner of the Zimbabwe African Entrepreneurs Association (ZAEA) to lobby for local business people to play a more meaningful role in the economy as well as contribute to the success of the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-economic Transformation.

Founder and interim president of the association, Mr Andrew Hwititi said the focus of the association, which is set to be launched soon, is to ensure that the local entrepreneur is fully supported in building wealth through genuine business means.

“This organisation will provide members with the opportunities to learn from each other’s experiences and to benefit from the advantages of an organised network of proper entrepreneurs,

“The association shall actively engage in policy dialogue with Government to promote a favourable entrepreneurial environment for the growth of locally owned businesses,” he said in a statement.

In addition it will also seek to facilitate the development of dynamic entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe by strengthening their entrepreneurial capacities and support Government policies which focus on the growth of locally-owned businesses across all sectors.

Membership of the association shall consist of business men and women of good character and leadership potential.

“We will also seek to collaborate and affiliate with other nationals, sub-regional and continental organisations of similar stature, aims and objectives,” he said.

“ZAEA will organise workshops, seminars and round tables where entrepreneurs can get together to exchange ideas and expand their business horizon,

“We will facilitate the participation of entrepreneurs in international and regional exhibitions, buyers-sellers meet, trade fairs and symposia which will help entrepreneurs to get greater exposure to regional and global business environment and opportunities.”

The association will also campaign for the deeper understanding of the important role of the entrepreneur in the global economy

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