‘Lets speak with one voice against sanctions’

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‘Lets speak with one voice against sanctions’

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ZANU PF and the Diaspora community have called on Zimbabweans to speak with one voice on the removal of illegal sanctions as everyone has been affected by the embargoes, making the issue bigger than party politics.

Chairman of the ruling party’s UK branch Cde Simba Tawengwa the illegal sanctions had caused untold suffering to innocent souls.

Cde Tawengwa warned Britain and her allies that using sanctions as a weapon for regime change was bound to fail in Zimbabwe.

“Those who imposed these economic sanctions on our country prefer to refer to them as ‘restrictive measures’ and yet they are illegal sanctions by whichever definition.

“These sanctions were designed to squeeze life out of the Zimbabwean economy with the ultimate aim of regime change,” Cde Tawengwa

Zimbabweans would not forget their freedom fighters who perished fighting white imperialism.

“From Mbuya Nehanda to Cde Josiah Tongogara, their blood was shed for the people of Zimbabwe to have their land back. Many sons and daughters of the soil lost their lives so that we could live in a free Zimbabwe. A Zimbabwe we can call our own and where one can claim ownership of land.

“It is time for all Zimbabweans from all walks of life to stand up and speak with the same voice on how sanctions have hindered economy growth. This is not time to be choosing sides or try to steal the spotlight for political mileage,” Cde Tawengwa said.

Meanwhile, ZANU PF’s South African branch has blamed the sporadic xenophobic attacks in that country to the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West.

The branch’s spokesperson Cde Kennedy Mandaza said this on Wednesday as party members joined other organisations and blocs on the continent in voicing their disapproval of the sanctions imposed since 2001.

Sadc leaders met in Tanzania last year and set aside October 25 as a day to collectively speak against what they described as criminal and ruinous sanctions.

“Those (Zimbabweans) in the diaspora have become subjects of ridicule and xenophobic attacks as they try to eke a living in foreign lands.

“The SADC region has not been spared either from the impact of the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe,” said Mandaza.

Sporadic xenophobic attacks on foreigners in South Africa were attributable to the sanctions as Zimbabwean citizens had put more pressure on jobs and resources meant for host citizens. — Herald Reporter/CAJ News.

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