Kwekwe on high cholera alert


Michael Magoronga Midlands Correspondent
Kwekwe City Council has set up a health taskforce to deal with any cholera outbreak in the mining town. The city’s health director, Mr John Bandama, said the local authority’s decision was prompted by the outbreak of the disease in neighbouring Zambia, which is a favoured destination of cross-border traders from the town. Kwekwe is working with other Governmment departments.

“We are on high cholera alert, as you know that most of our cross-border traders purchase their wares from Zambia,” said Mr Bandama. “Everyday we have buses coming from that country and, therefore, the need for the city to be on high alert.

“We have partnered Kwekwe General Hospital and other Government health departments, and we have set up a taskforce that is keeping ears on the ground in case of any outbreak.” Some clinics, said Mr Bandama, had been set aside to contain any outbreak.

“We have those clinics that we had set aside for typhoid; that is Mbizo 1 and 11,” he said. “They are going to be set aside again in case of cholera reports. They are well equipped and ready to accommodate those who will have been diagnosed.” Mr Bandama said most flea market operators in the city purchased their wares in Zambia, while a few travel to South Africa and Botswana.

“We also urge those who operate illegal food outlets in the city centre and around to cease operations henceforth before we descend on them. We have since written to the police requesting for their assistance in dealing with the matter,” he said.

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