JUST IN: Rains to ease off

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JUST IN: Rains to ease off

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Rains are expected to ease off countrywide from Monday to Sunday with sunny breaks by today with warmer conditions and sunshine expected from tomorrow, the Meteorological Services Department has said.

In an advisory, the MSD said by end of the week people will be expected to change from wearing warmer clothes to putting on sun hats and umbrellas.

“More sunny breaks are expected from Tuesday and less rainfall through it will still be windy.

“People should keep warm, and ensure vulnerable persons; the elderly, ill, children keep warm on Monday evening and Tuesday morning (today).

Respiratory illness such as flue and colds may also be common during this period. There will be need to exchange warm attire to sunhats and umbrellas towards the end of this week as sunny skies become more predominant,” said the MSD.

Farmers have also been urged to regularly monitor moisture level around crop fields as well as temperatures in poultry farms and hatcheries; and adjust accordingly.

Chances of cyclone affecting much of Zimbabwe is highly unlikely.

Meanwhile significant rains were recorded over most parts of the country during the weekend. Kariba recorded 156m in 24 hours, 92mm in Kanyemba and 84mm in Chitungwiza and number of 50s recorded in Kwekwe, Mashonaland West Matabeleland North, Harare metropolitan and Manicaland.

The country has been experiencing some rains which has destroyed infrastructure in some parts of the country while this has resulted in waterlogging and leaching in some farming areas negatively affecting the summer crops.

Soils around the country are saturated due to incessant rains. Any additional rainfall makes most low lying areas prone to flash flooding. Wetland, river basins and down-slope areas become susceptible to potential flooding as water tends to naturally collect in these areas.
According to the MSD, as little as 30 cm depth of flowing water can carry off vehicles. The Zimbabwe National Water Authority has also indicated that dam levels remain on an upward trend.

Zinwa reported that the national dam level average is now at 95, 9 percent a move which is set to boost winter cropping production.

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