JUST IN: Harare City shuts down offices over water shortage Mr Innocent Ruwende

Sallomy Matare, Municipal Reporter

In a move that has exposed Harare City Council as a victim of its own failure, the authority was this morning forced to shut down its Rowan Martin offices in the central business district due to non-availability of water.

When The Herald news crew visited the offices, scores of workers were seen leaving the building as they took an early day away after taking instructions from their officials to do so.

Some of the workers who spoke to this publication on condition of anonymity confirmed that they had been operating without tap water for some days now, posing a serious health hazard to them.

“We were served with letters announcing that should go home today until further because we have not been receiving tap water for the past few days.”

The city’s acting corporate communications manager Mr Innocent Ruwende said that there was a fault and only key skeletal staff would remain operational while the water department attends to the situation.

The city has been battling a crippling potable water shortage for the past two years as it has failed to buy water treatment chemicals.

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