JUST IN: Calls for vaccination grow wider Mr Moulana Mohammed Ismail

Mukudzei Chingwere

Herald Reporter

Government’s call for people to be vaccinated got the endorsement of Islamic religious leaders today, this coming after a number of Catholic priests and nuns were inoculated earlier in the day.

Mr Moulana Mohammed Ismail, an Islamic leader and businessman, encouraged all Moslems and non-Moslems to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

“The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Allah has sent down both the disease and the cure, and He has appointed a cure for every disease: So, this also applies to vaccines which prevent infections and save lives.

“In this regard, Muslim countries all over the world, without exception, have accepted the vaccine and they have been administered to millions of their citizens.

“Therefore, let us benefit from the available vaccines and save lives. Let us not delay unnecessarily. Islam encourages us to hasten towards goodness. So, let us do it because if we save one life it is like we have saved the entire humanity.”

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