Junction 24: The ideal family place

The front view of Junction 24

The front view of Junction 24

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A spitting distance from the Hunyani River Bridge, on the way to Chitungwiza and to the east, lies the  latest joint – Junction 24, that has an imposing posture that reminds one that you can still have a decent place for family outings in Harare.
Over the years, Harare had run out of places compatible with family outings due to a coterie of indecent activities that take place at some of the joints available.

One would, for example, not want their children to see male or female revellers relieving themselves in the open. Fetid!
Tucked away from the hullabaloo of the city centre, epitomised by screeching vehicle tyres, a frenzy of hooting, criss-crossing people and the general hustle and bustle, Junction 24 is quiet, serene and oozing with fresh air from the adjacent riverine vegetation.

The place is just in a league of its own and one feels relaxed and ready to have a good time.
Junction 24 is one of the few places tastefully decorated, especially for family outings.

Well-manicured lawns and grounds, environmental and security friendly parking, under tree sitting, children’s play centre, five toilets each (for male and females), five restaurants for variety, five drinking places and a braai stand sum up the superstructure.

Highly impressive is the fact that the 10 toilets are each cleaned every 30 minutes, and, there, Junction 24 beats all and sundry in open-air entertainment. There are separate staff toilets, hence you will not bump into the staff in the same toilets.

The place is just clean and conducive for family outings.
The carefully chosen playlist of family music completes the aura.

Children play, intermittently shifting their attention to the multifarious array of planes as they land at Harare International Airport.
Proprietor Mr Tavepi Madzingira says he came up with the idea after noticing that many outdoor entertainment joints in Harare were out of sync with the family code.

“To be honest, we took the Mereki concept for braaing, the Garwe concept for traditional food, the Pamuzinda Highway Xscape for entertainment concept and the National Art Gallery concept and put them together into one huge project, modified to suit any family, local or international.

“We then improved on these concepts so that we could de-cluster people and provide them with personalised service according to their expectations.

This is how we came up with five bars,  the Mas Vergas, 419 Lounge, Wine and Spirit, Musoni Sports Bar and Pandari,  for specific customers.

“We also have two kitchens, one for braai and the other for traditional and conventional meals,’’ says Mr Madzingira. Junction 24 also has space to accommodate 250 people in a tent for functions such as weddings.

While many people do not even know where the meat they braai comes from, Junction 24 has only one meat supplier and that is Montana Meats, a highly rated abattoir.

“We had to make that decision to have one meat supplier to ensure food safety and security for our customers. We cannot just buy from everyone and anyone because it puts our customers at risk. We want guaranteed quality.

“We are also into partnerships with Delta Beverages, Afdis and CBZ –  all to ensure we maintain high standards of service and quality of products.

“We have also built a convenience shop where you can pick one or two things to take home, instead of driving elsewhere,’’ says Mr Madzingira.

When all is said, Junction 24 is the place to be with family and friends.
It is different and unique! It is for the family and an ideal place to visit especially during the festive season.

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