Jones pledges to prioritise player welfare

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Jones pledges to prioritise player welfare Charlie Jones

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Eddie Chikamhi-Senior Sports Reporter

NEWLY-appointed CAPS United chief executive officer Charlie “Kabhasikoro” Jones yesterday said issues to do with player welfare and remuneration will form part of his mandate in his efforts to help the struggling Harare giants turn a new page.

Jones, who was a household name in the CAPS United of the 1980’s, was introduced to the players, technical team and club officials by club president Farai Jere at the team’s training ground yesterday.

The former winger said his rich background as a footballer and the experience gained over the years in management put him in good stead to lead the Green Machine ship.

He was also given the opportunity to address the players and appealed for unity and passion when representing the CAPS United badge.  

“The feeling is great. For me it’s like homecoming and like I said (in the address to the players), if you don’t have green blood you won’t be able to make it here. So we need green blood to make progress,” said Jones.

“Every team has got problems and I am coming here with a clean slate to make things happen. That’s what I am here for; to make things happen, to work because I am a football CEO.

“I understand the ground, I understand every level of a player’s development, I understand his surroundings, I understand where he comes from. I understand all those factors.

“This is what we want to manage so that these guys have a peace of mind when they run out on the pitch and when they put on the CAPS United jersey.

“That’s the most important thing that we have to fix. Above everything else it’s the individual player, the individual trust and way forward,” said Jones.

Jones played football at the top level when he turned out as a speedy right-winger for Makepekepe and the now defunct Arcadia United.

He featured in the great CAPS United side that included players such as Stanford Stix Mtizwa and the late Joel Jubilee Shambo during the halcyon years when they earned the nickname “Cup Kings”.

And for close to four decades has been involved in football as a player, coach and administrator and has lately been into private business management, where he has engaged in a number of successful projects.

His football administration record includes being chairman of Arcadia and a post in the CAPS United executive. He also served as the chairman of the Zimbabwe Sporting Legends and Friends’ Association.

Jones comes at a time when morale in the Green Machine is probably at its all-time low this season following the recent disturbances over delayed salaries and bonuses, which led to the sacking of three players.

“At every club you find the issues of remuneration and that problem can be sorted out in terms of how we engage the players and how they trust us.

“If we owe them money, it’s a fact we owe them money. We don’t run away from the fact that we owe them money. But we can always sort out that fact and move forward by building the trust once again.”

Jones’ appointment also comes when the club had endured a depressing run of four defeats on the bounce. The 61-year-old, however, wants to build on the positives that he has seen in Lloyd Chitembwe’s team.  

“We have a competent technical team taking charge. In football, you can’t win all the games and what also happens in football is when you bring in freshness and new vitality on the table, things can change.

“I’ve been here two days and I watched the match (against Chicken Inn) at the weekend. There’s a team that is being built and I am sure this is a team that can produce results and end up somewhere.

“But it’s all about work. There’s nothing for free. You have to work for everything and we have to put our minds to it. And as I said, trust is going to be the biggest factor in this club.

“If only the guys trust in me that I can deliver in terms of welfare, remuneration, administration and whatever factor. Remember my name is also at the stake here. So I understand where I am coming from and I understand where I am going,” said Jones.

CAPS United have not had a substantive CEO since the departure of Cuthbert Chitima in 2019. Jere said the new man in charge will be tasked with setting up structures to ensure the club achieves its short-term and long-term goals.

“We have appointed a chief executive officer after a very rigorous exercise. There were so many people who were interested in this position and obviously we settled for one,” said Jere.

He was also optimistic with Jones being a CAPS United legend.

 “We are very happy to say we managed to trace our roots and he is one of the yesteryear heroes that earned CAPS United the nickname of Cup Kings. He is here with us today and will take over the reins in the running of the club starting from today (yesterday).

“He meets all the attributes that are expected when employing someone. He is educated, the CV of what he is doing and has done speaks a lot. He is a renowned businessman.

“His passion for the team is unbelievable. When I was talking to him, I thought it would be a mammoth task but the way this guy loves the team is massive despite all the negative stories that are being said.

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