Interpol urges SADC member states to continue cooperating in fight against crime The head of Interpol Regional Bureau for Southern Africa and Sarpcco Coordination Office in Harare, Mr Sello Moerane addressing government officials and senior police officers during the Sarpcco games official opening in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Freeman Razemba in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

The International Criminal Police Organisations (Interpol) has urged SADC member states to continue cooperating and exchanging notes in the fight against transnational organised and emerging crimes in the region.

According to Interpol, the region continues to experience unabating sophistication and modernised forms of transnational crimes.

Team Zimbabwe police officers marching during the official opening of the 11th Edition of the Sarpcco games at Uhuru Stadium in Tanzania

This was said by the head of Interpol Regional Bureau for Southern Africa, Sello Moerane during the official opening of the Southern Africa Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisations (Sarpcco) games today.

“I admit that as the Head of INTERPOL RB Harare, it gives me a great pleasure to be part of this beautiful memorable Opening Ceremony of the 11th Edition SARPCCO Games. The INTERPOL Regional Bureau for Southern Africa/SARPCCO Coordination Office warmly embraces this event and the value it contributes to regional police cooperation and collaboration,” he said.

He applauded the Government of Tanzania, for volunteering to host the games, and the Member States for availing themselves to participate, the Local Organizing Task Team, supported by Regional Bureau.

“The organizing committee wants me to echo their concerns that abstaining Member must be encouraged to participate in the next SARPCCO Games.

“In the same vein, I would like to urge Chiefs of Police to prepare to volunteer during the next Annual General Meeting in 2023 to host the next edition, which will be the 12th Edition SARPCCO Games in 2025. I belief that this period will be adequate to prepare for the event. Dear Participants, I do not doubt that you are all happy to be part of this games where you can share best practices with your colleagues across the border especially on issues to do with transnational organized and emerging crimes in the region,” Mr Moerane said.

He added,” As leaders of this Games we need to look beyond the here and now. The assembly today celebrates collective wisdom of our Chiefs of Police who decided that regional police cooperation can be achieved through myriad of approaches, among them Sport.

“The host country with a preceded recognition in the spint of Ubuntu and leadership that backdates many years, hamessed in the foundational values of the Father of the Nation, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, spectacularly outdone themselves in the preparation and finally the phenomenal display before us. Please join me by clapping hands in appreciating the national political and police leadership of Tanzania, for excellent hosting of 11 editions of SARPCCO games.”

He said great efforts were invested to making this a reality including huge financial and material resources.

“The Chief of Police of Tanzanian Police Force (Inspector General Camillus Wambura), I quote; said to me; ‘My Brother it is not a Joke to Organize and Host this games, but it is through this platform that our Police Officers gets the opportunity to meet and exchange information, intelligence, contacts and techniques to fight against Transnational Organized Crimes’,” Mr Moerane said.

” Southern African region continues to experience unabating sophistication and modemized forms of transnational scourge, making inroads into our youth resource. Sports holds the hope that may sway our future leaders through sports from material of crime. The games are far more than merely another sport festival. They promote healthy living and physical fitness among police officers in the region.”

He said sport have proven to be a weapon of social cohesion, superseding racial, cultural and religious divides and that all Member States sports men and women have displayed fair play and good sportsmanship.

The ceremony was attended by ZRP head of delegation Commissioner Abigail Moyo, Tanzania Minister of Home Affairs Engineer Hamad Masauni, government officials and senior police officers from various SADC member states.

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