How to save electricity

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20% of all the power that is either generated or imported is being used wastefully. The 20% power wastage translates an increase of 300MW, this power is enough to supply electricity power requirements to half of the city of Harare at any given time!
If you are to switch off the stove 5 minutes  before finishing cooking the retained heat is good enough to finish off the cooking, thereby making some savings on bill.

About 40% of your domestic bill on electricity is incurred through use of the geyser. It is therefore advisable to set your geyser thermostat (regulator) at an optimum temperature of about 65 degrees Celsius or rather switch it off when not in use.

It is quicker and cheaper to use a shower instead of the bath tub when taking a bath. Studies have shown that more replacement water and heat is required when using a bath tub instead of a shower.

It is cheaper and quicker to boil water in an electric kettle for various reasons e.g cooking sadza, rice, meat and many others.

An electric stove contributes about 20% of domestic monthly electricity cost.

CFLs and LEDs are 80% – 90% more efficient than ordinary bulbs and they last up to 6 times longer.

CFLs and LEDs have got a burning life which is equivalent to a life span of about 3-5 years.

Use of natural light translate into savings on your electricity cost each month.

An average pool requires about 4-6 hours of filtering per day in summer and 3-4 hours in winter so do not filter more than you have to.

You do not necessarily have to incur extra costs to manage and reduce your electricity bill every month. What is required is simple change in habits, which will translate into great savings on electricity and your bill.

Electricity saved is money saved

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