Herald Business, CZI symposium on tomorrow

Herald Business, CZI symposium on tomorrow

meiklesConrad Mwanawashe Business Reporter
CAPTAINS of industry, Government ministers and policy makers will converge at the Meikles Hotel tomorrow to brainstorm on the economic environment at a symposium to be hosted by The Herald Business, in partnership with the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries.

Running under the theme: “Economic Outlook 2016”, the meeting will touch on issues ranging from indigenisation to policy co-ordination.

Issues to be discussed include analysis of the recent indigenisation framework, economic outlook for 2016 and policy coherence and policy implementation.

The symposium will also explore the possibility of Zimbabwe adopting the Chinese Yuan as part of the multi currency basket, implementation of the indigenisation policy by line ministries and policy co-ordination and funding mechanisms.

Speakers at the symposium will include the chairman of the Department of Economics at the University of Zimbabwe, Dr Phineas Kadenge, who will present on “Analysis of the recent Indigenisation Framework”.

Intellego Investment Consultants will speak on the economic outlook for 2016 while Dr Godfrey Kanyenze, executive director of the Labour and Economic Development Research Institute of Zimbabwe will present on “Policy Coherence and Policy Implementation”.

The Minister of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment will present on the “Conceptual Overview of the Indigenisation Frameworks, Procedures and Guidelines”.

The Herald Business has been hosting discussion forums on various issues around Government and the economy at large.

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