‘Heavy rains to persist’

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‘Heavy rains to persist’

The Herald

Elita Chikwati Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe is expected to continue receiving rains, with the northern parts of the country expected to experience heavy rains up to next week.

Meteorological Services Department senior forecaster Mr Tich Zinyemba, yesterday said that the forecast was valid for 10 days.

“Northern parts of the country are forecast to continue experiencing moderate to heavy thunderstorms. These are Mashonaland provinces, Harare Metropolitan Province, Midlands Province as well as northern parts of Manicaland Province. The rest of the country, expects rain and drizzle,” he said.

The MSD reminded the public that they should remain alert for flash floods in low lying areas, hail and damaging winds.

“It is advisable not to shelter under trees during thunderstorms, not to park cars under trees, not to bath during a storm as well as not to cook.

“Motorists are urged to be extra careful when driving on wet roads that will be potentially slippery,” said the MSD.

“In the event of encountering flooded rivers or streams the public should not attempt to cross, but to wait until the water subsides.”

Meanwhile, the condition of crops in most parts of the country has been described as satisfactory.

Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union president Mr Wonder Chabikwa, yesterday said farmers who planted with basal fertilisers had a good crop.

He said farmers were still planting in some areas but said the window would soon be over.

“The bulk of the crops are looking good, especially in heavy soils. Crops in sandy soils and vleis are showing signs of water logging and leaching.

“Farmers can apply ammonium nitrate, and those in sandy soils can apply urea for top dressing. Ammonium nitrate is easily leached in sandy soils,” he said.

The MSD predicted normal to above normal rains during the 2016/17 season.

Most farmers are optimistic of high yields and improved food security at household level.

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