Govt to support cotton production on 4 000ha

12 Sep, 2018 - 00:09 0 Views

The Herald

Mash West Correspondent
GOVERNMENT has targeted to support cotton production on 4 000 hectares under the Presidential Inputs Support Scheme in Chegutu District as it continues with the revival of the cotton sector.

Farmers in Chegutu and surrounding areas had long abandoned production of white gold owing to a slump in cotton prices and limited support from Government and the private sector.

Government has identified support of the cotton sector as key in the revival of the country’s textile sector, which has been reeling from cheap imports and second-hand clothes. Chegutu district administrator Mr Tariro Tomu recently said all was set for cotton farming in the area.

“I had a meeting with Cottco, which is contracted by Government to distribute inputs and they said they want to revive cotton farming in the area, he said.

“For a start, Government is targeting 4 000 hectares in the district under Presidential Inputs Scheme.”

Mr Tomu said each farmer would be supported to grow a minimum of one hectare, which should see more farmers growing the cash crop.

“Awareness and registration of cotton farmers starts this week. Government needs to resuscitate cotton production as it has a lot of impact on downstream of industries,” he said.

Mr Tomu said distribution of maize seed and fertiliser under the Presidential Inputs Scheme was also underway.

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