Govt dissolves NAC board Dr Moyo

Paidamoyo Chipunza Senior Health Reporter
Government has dissolved the National Aids Council (NAC) board with immediate effect, barely a year after its appointment.
In a letter dated March 4, Health and Child Care Minister Dr Obadiah Moyo said the dissolution followed concerns by stakeholders on appointment of the board, which was deemed improper.

“Further to our meeting of the 30th of January 2019, where it was noted that the NAC board was improperly appointed, His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe has concurred to the dissolution of the NAC board with immediate effect and ordered that a new board be put in place in line with the provisions of the law,” said Dr Moyo.

NAC acting board chairperson Mrs Virginia Samkange confirmed that the board had indeed been dissolved.
“Communication was received on Monday and besides the reason that the board was not properly appointed, no other reason was given,” she said.

Mrs Samkange was acting chairperson since December last year, a position she assumed following the resignation of Dr Everisto Marowa as chairperson.

Other board members were Dr Josiah Tayi, Mr Chagwiza Togarepi, Mrs Nyasha Sithole, Rev Tanyanyiwa Chinyerere, Mr Stanley Takaona, Mrs Tariro Chikumbirike and Mrs Naume Mazango.

Since last year, NAC has been in the spotlight, with some stakeholders calling for dissolution of the board as well as the secretariat to transform the way of doing things at the national coordinating body for HIV and Aids.

NAC CEO Dr Tapuwa Mugure left the organisation in December last year, shrouded with his own controversies.
Besides the former CEO’s own controversies, NAC as an institution stands accused of maladministration.

Former NAC board chair Dr Marowa, who was once accused of providing consultancy services to the institution, yesterday said the organisation might need an independent forensic audit.

Dr Marowa said this will provide the institution with a solid base on which the board and the new CEO would build on to realise value for the Aids Levy and other resources.

“There is need for bold action for reorganisation and restructuring of senior management so as to foster professionalism, high ethical standards and performance and results-driven way of doing business”.

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