Faith works with God’s relationship

Faith works with God’s relationship

dunamisSometimes we wonder why our faith works at times and at times it doesn’t. Friends, there is a life of victory, dominion and success that you can live and enjoy when you discover and begin to walk in total trust in God. What he did yesterday he can do today. He can do the same with your frail health; piling debt; storm at work and in the home and all that is rising in your life. He can do the same. Read on and discover the priceless key of total trust in God when you walk by faith.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”, Hebrews 11:1. This is a powerful scripture and if I would paraphrase it or make it simple it would say, “Now faith is total trust in God.” Faith is not difficult, it is not complicated. Faith is simple — trust, total trust in the Lord. The problem of many people in life is not that they do not pray, go to church or do certain things No! The problem is trust in God. It is easy for many to trust in man, church, a relative or someone that can lend them money or something than the Living God. We take God like a supermarket. Have any of you that go for shopping put up in the very shop, eat there, sleep and dwell there? No. You only go to the supermarket when you want something there. When you do not want anything there, you don’t go or even bother about the shop. Even if it goes into problems or closes down, you just go to the shop next door! That is exactly how many have taken God to be. The trust or relationship is only active when they need something. When they don’t need something they don’t need nor trust God. You need Him when you need something. Friend if you are like that; you need to change. Every day, hour and moment, trust God, totally.

Even right in the midst of a storm, you can trust God. When He says you will have it you will have it. When He says it’s yours it’s yours. When He says it’s done it’s done. At one time Jesus said to his disciples; Let us cross over to the other side. However along the way a fierce storm arose on the sea. The disciples panicked and grew fearful. But Jesus slept in the very same ship. He had said let us cross over so he trusted God to see them through to get to the place they wanted to get to. Are you being mistreated, called names, negative things being spoken about you and you are thinking of quitting? Brother, don’t quit. Trust God. Have total trust in Him. Your marriage going through a rough time? Storm after storm? Your finances locked, debts accruing interests, children being sent away from school due to fees? Sickness fastening to your body and wearing it down? Reader, I have a good word for you, trust god. Simply trust God to do it for you. Jesus slept in the midst of a storm for He trusted that he was crossing over like he had said before the storm came. O hallelujah you can do it, you can have it, you can achieve it; you can make it. In 2016, trust God.

Another hint I need to give you in trusting God is that you need to have God in your camp, always. Don’t have a supermarket kind of trust or supermarket relationship with God No. Don’t just seek God when you need something from Him. Have God in your camp. Listen to what the Apostle Paul asked, “What then shall we say to these things, If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31. He had learnt the importance of having God on your side. In my walk of faith and trusting the Lord with all my heart, I have learnt to always aim to have God on my side. If he is on my side, who can be against me?

If God is in my camp, who can be against me? You need God in your camp. You need God on your side like the four lepers who trusted God’s word of deliverance from a severe drought and had God march with them toward the enemies’ camp. O hallelujah, I like it I like it.

Have you ever observed how army commanders lead? They don’t lead the army from home but give orders right in the midst of the battle ground amongst their soldiers. That’s the same with God. He is right there with you in your camp, fighting for you and helping change and turn around your circumstance.

However, total trust in God is kept and preserved by obedience. When you obey you keep God in your camp. Disobedience makes you miss the mark and lose trust in the Living God. Whatever God tells you to do, just do it. Stand on the Word of God no-matter how much adversity rises against you. Strive to have God in your camp. Another secret you may not have known is that nobody fails because people have fought them, No! As long as God is in your camp and on your side, it will not prevail. One day the very people who are fighting against you will be ashamed. If God be for us who can be against us? Trust God; trust the great Commander, He is right by your side to face that burden, challenge and problem with you.

Like I said faith and total trust in God works with obedience. Choose to quickly obey the Word of God. For example if you get offended at work and take long to forgive as the Word of God tells not to let the sun go down still in anger, you will be exposing yourself to the devil. It is that time when many attract demonic spirits that will later torment and cause them to cry and suffer in life.

Quickly forgive and let go, lest you give the devil room to bind you and afflict you.

You will have to seek deliverance again from something you could have avoided through obedience to God’s Word. When God tells you something from His Word, trust it. Trust God’s word and always remember with men it is impossible, but not with God, for with God all things are possible Mark 10:27.

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