Fabisch, Dube call-up triggers debate

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Fabisch, Dube call-up triggers debate DIVIDING OPINION . . . The inclusion of Germany based teenage midfielder, Jonah Fabisch, in the Warriors squad for the COSAFA Cup has triggered debate on the domestic football scene

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LOCAL sportscaster Mike Madoda triggered a debate on Twitter yesterday when he questioned the decision by Warriors coach, Zdravko Logarusic, to rope in Jonah Fabisch and Nyasha Dube, for the COSAFA Cup.

The two, who are based in Germany and the United States, were named in the squad for the regional tournament set for South Africa next month.

Jonah is the son of former Warriors coach, Reinhard Fabisch, while Nyasha is the son of another gaffer, Nation Dube.

“So, Jonah Fabisch plays for Hamburger SV II in the Regionalliga Nord — the 4th tier of German football. Nyasha Dube plays for Little Rock Rangers, which is in the USL League 2, a semi-professional league, in the 4th tier of US football,’’ Madoda tweeted.

“My question is — who scouted these players? Has anyone in the Warriors technical department actually ever watched them play — in person or video?

“With our foreign call-ups, I think, sometimes, we just roll the dice and hope they turn out to be good players.

“When a guy who is playing semi-professional football gets a call-up, ahead of players who are playing well in the Chibuku Super Cup, what are we saying about our league and our clubs?

“Let’s reward form and call up players from abroad who make a compelling case for inclusion.’’

A number of Warriors fans reacted and this is what some of them said:

Elphas Toreveyi: “Obviously no scouting happened. I, however, think they get benefit of doubt hence the call up. It’s a matter of the potential they are assumed to have, locally we know their potential as we watch them day in and day out. We don’t want a situation of a Vardy from the four tier ending up in the Premier League. When these guys play in the top leagues, they end up deciding to play for Germany or USA and we regret. Let’s cap them while they are still available.’’

ApexPredator @mrngish: “But Mike, we can all agree that the local league has lost its glamour, for now. Let’s see how these guys fare then we can take it up from there.’’

Brian Fungai: “We have an illusion that someone who plays abroad is better.’’

Michael Chatikobo: “Honestly speaking, our local league has lost its glory. We are even losing players to Malawi, Zambian and Tanzanian Leagues. Personally, I have no problem with them being called. Let’s see what they got.’’

that-footballin Account @tel_fc:  “COSAFA is semi-professional.’’

Michael Hove: “It’s really sad for our football, it kills our passion, as fans.’’

ThaCaRtEr @ThaCart408790895: “Yeah, it’s a joke . . . we were both shocked.’’

Hailey’s Father @CliffTapi: “It’s high time we recognise that not everyone who plays in these leagues is good. (Some) are there because they had opportunities. Local players (don’t just have) exposure.’’

The Blessed @olhavy: “Let’s wait for him to play, maybe, they gonna prove us wrong somewhere, somehow.’’

Tawanda Shumba: “Jonah Fabisch is highly rated in Germany’s youth set-ups, really primed to end up in a mid-table Bundesliga team, in a few years’ time. Good to pick him early, I believe he is a great addition in the COSAFA, but especially for the future.’’

Irvin Chitambara: “In past few seasons our league has become mediocre and the long period of inactivity hasn’t helped, on issues like technique, this lot tends to be better, we can’t have a national coach teaching ball control, but of course, not everyone from the British Brigade is good enough and should play COSAFA, too.’’

Chicknara @muchiem: “I just don’t understand why our coaches are calling these players. Our coaches haven’t watched these players in action, but they call them to the national team at the expense of better players here at home or even in SA. It’s pathetic.’’

@Wayne39068973: “Let them play and justify their selection on the pitch, in previous AFCONS we always see Billiat outclassing some players playing in so-called world-class leagues.’’

Patrick Zuva: “Perhaps, they just want to cap them and rule out chances they will choose to play for their adopted home countries if it happens they develop into something special one day. Other than that, there’s no point calling up a player who plays in the 4th tier of US football.’’

Nigel Matambo: “The MLS itself is a joke, what more for tiers down? (It’s) 100 PERCENT pure nonsense.’’

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