Exclusive women competitions launched in Mabvuku MAKING A DIFFERENCE . . . Scott Foundation chairperson, Gracious Chapasuka Sakupwanya, is on a mission to transform women’s lives in Mabvuku using sport.

Tadious Manyepo-Sports Reporter 

OVER 3 000 women from Harare’s high-density suburb of Mabvuku yesterday gathered at Mabvuku Stadium where they contested in different sport activities, including traditional sports, during a fun day organised by the Scott Foundation.

The fun day will culminate in weekly competitions among women of all age-groups in the sprawling suburbs of Mabvuku, Tafara and Eastview.

Contestants took part in netball, athletics, tug-of-war, claypot races and even raka-raka.

The idea behind the exclusive women competitions, according to organisers, is to create a platform from which ladies can congregate and help each other fight societal ills like child pregnancies and prostitution.

Scott Foundation is the brainchild of Harare businessman Scott Sakupwanya.

Foundation chairperson, Gracious Chapasuka Sakupwanya, said women also had talent which should be realised and developed.

“On behalf of Scott Foundation, as the chairperson, we realised that in our society, women are looked down upon. 

“Look, men can deal with stress while watching football in sports clubs or even playing the game themselves. We then decided that as women in Mabvuku, we should at least try to get everyone occupied. We decided to start by holding a Fun Day where all women of all ages can congregate and participate in different activities,” she said.

“At least we can build a strong foundation from which we can identify talent on who can be polished in which sport, things like that.

“Ghetto areas are laden with talent and we need to do more to try and give women a platform to showcase themselves going forward. There are so many superstars who can come out of the ghetto.

“We are here to uplift each other in a relaxed environment.

“We can also use platforms like this to fight child abuse and other societal ills.”

Gracious Chapasuka Sakupwanya said women superstars to come out of Mabvuku, including boxer Monalisa “Queen of the Jungle” Sibanda and former Mighty Warriors player Nomatter Mharakurwa, will be invited to inspire young ladies in future competitions.

“We can use this platform to share ideas and advice as women on how to live well and solve mental health issues.

“There are so many women who made it big in sport who came from Mabvuku.

“We have so many programmes lined up in the future. We will also start projects for these women.

“We have had so many activities like football, tug-of-war, claypot race, athletics and netball, among others.”

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