ECD kids shine at e-learning workshop Sheali E-learning and ECD centre
Sheali E-learning and ECD centre

Sheali E-learning and ECD centre

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Learning is an art and whoever said you can’t draw, calculate or solve puzzles at an early age using computers was not honest. Early Childhood Development (ECD) children of the Chitungwiza based Sheali E-learning and ECD centre stole the thunder at an e-learning workshop organized by Dzidzo Inhaka Audio Visual Learning for ECD teachers, administrators and directors held in the capital last week.The workshop stemmed from the disturbing observation that ECD centres are not practically teaching computers as subscribed by the syllabus as well as having a challenge on teaching children using e-learning aids. The workshop was held under the theme ‘Be a complete teacher’ which was designed to equip teachers with skills that make them complete teachers who can produce complete graduates who can go on to compete at global level.

Researches on latest learning trends have shown that computer education is very important to children. There are several facets of child development affected by computer education. These include intelligence (IQ), emotional intelligence (EQ), fluid intelligence and novelty, hand-eye coordination, skills development, mathematical abilities and social development, among others.

In the long term children who become skilled in computer operation at tender age will be easy to empower with survival skills as computers are now part and parcel of our every days lives. Their economic future will be secured.

The Sheali tech savvy team was comprised of Loshante Hakurotwe aged four, Tanatswa Langson aged five and Trish Manogwa aged eight. The team demonstrated computer operation skills like drawing, painting, solving puzzles, solving mathematical problems, and playing games with exceptional mouse handling skills that left the workshop participants in awe.

In an interview after the demonstration Trish Manongwa who started operating computers at the age of three said, “My computer is my best toy. I use it for designing greeting cards and drawing my favourite cartoon characters like Sofia the First.

“Sometimes I use it for doing maths and typing spellings. When I open schools I want to design a greeting card for my teacher but when I grow up iIwant to be a graphic designer for big companies.”

Shepherd Chimururi the Executive Director of Dzidzo Inhaka Audio Visual Learning said, “Firstly, we have organized this workshop to compliment government’s efforts in implementing the STEM programme at ECD level. The forthcoming new ECD curriculum has a strong bias on information communication and technology.

A child should be able to name basic computer components, switch on and off a computer, select computer programmes using keyboard and mouse, use computer to play games, draw, paint and print, identify and match colours on the computer, make patterns on the computer, observe safety when operating equipment, among other activities,”

Among the ECD centres and Junior schools that were represented at the workshop are Direct Contact, Lionsgate, Breeze Kids, Sheali, Great Beginnings, Blessings, New Look, Little Rubbies, Happy Hearts, Westview, Rockview, among others.

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