DRC spokesperson condemns slander attempts

KINSHASA. — Ten days after the discovery of over 400 bodies at a common grave in Maluku, near Kinshasa, the spokesman for the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lambert Mende has condemned “attempts to slander the Republic over the matter which the government has launched an inquiry into.”

“There is an attempt to slander the republic. We shall know why and who is behind this,” the minister told Xinhua on Tuesday.

“An investigation is ongoing to establish the truth, especially on the procedures, whether each of these Congolese buried on March 19, 2015 was given a decent burial.”

DRC’s Interior Minister Evariste Boshab admitted before the Congolese Senate on Tuesday that there was a burial on March 19, but not in a mass grave, rather in a common grave.”

A mass grave implies already that there was a massacre, something that is not the case with people buried together in Maluku,” the minister said. — Xinhua

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