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Diva laments exclusion of female singers

13 Nov, 2018 - 00:11 0 Views
Diva laments exclusion of female singers Letty Gavhure Chawira

The Herald

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter
Local-based writer-cum-gospel singer Letty Gavhure Chawira has added her voice to growing concern that female musicians are being left out of big shows despite their potential to stage good acts like their male counterparts.

Chawira said female musicians deserve a chance in the development of the arts industry.Speaking at the launch of her third album entitled “Second Chance”, which was released recently, Chawira said female musicians need exposure to promote their talents.

“This is my third album and it symbolises our power as female gospel musicians. We plead for platforms and space to showcase our talent. but we are left out of big concerts many times. I am so happy that my album is out. I named it ‘Second Chance’ because not many people know that even if you have done a mistake or miss something, you should not give up rather try again.’’

The album, which has 10 tracks, features award-winning musician Reverend Chivaviro, Zaza and Ifeanyi has songs like, “Zvakadaro”, “Verenga Zvikomborero”, “Tichengete”, “MaTestimony” and “Ndirangarirei” among others.

Chawira said the album was inspired by societal settings and Bible verses and was produced by Prosper Makonese of Promark Studios.

She said the album, for which she wrote all the songs, speaks for itself.

“My role models are Baba naMai Charamba whom I grew up listening to. I recorded my first album in 2008 called ‘Mbiri Ndeyenyu’ followed by second one entitled ‘Vesai Moto’ which did not do so much well because of exposure among other hindrances. I am happy my third album has received considerable airplay and I am working on the videos which will be shot by Willard Magombedze (Slimaz).”

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